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11 December 2020 @ 12:27 am

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Interested in reading my fic? Then add me first than comment here and tell me who you are and why should i add you back, this is because most of the people that i have added back before just seems to enjoy reading in silence, it's not wrong but i don't want anyone who doesn't really want to be a friend, friending me and never really comment on anything that i wrote. Thus it's called FRIENDS only journal, but i'm not that cruel, i give 49 hours for the silent readers to read, thats all and if you comment without reading than you are just wasting your time commenting cause i won't entertain your request.Oh and one more, i won't add any empty journals back, so if you have empty journals, i'm sorry but i'm not going to entertain you.

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10 December 2020 @ 04:09 am
So I'm suddenly become unlazy. So I will list down all of the fic here...so it will be easy for you guys to navigate around here...well actually it's for me to easy navigate my way...lol

uhm...and if you can see the link but you can't have access to it, well it's not LJ fault. I've locked all my entries after 49 hours, so if you want to read the other fic you have to add me first then comment to the above post, I won't add you back if you just add me cause too many stuff in my inbox that sometimes I can't spot you who be friend me...so I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, but I have my reasons of doing this, hope you will corporate with me ^^

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01 December 2009 @ 04:14 pm
i'm sorry for those who i have delete of my friends list, there's just too many people but not even quarter of it i really know, even though this is a fic journal but i still need some kind of response to know that you guys are alive out there. to those who i have deleted i'm sorry, but if you really want to be friend with me and read my fic, please do comment cause it helps me grow...

if you want to be added back just comment on the first post inside my journal, and i'll consider it, especially those who are sincere...

i'm so sorry for the inconvinient, but i just need to know, and no empty journals will be entertain ever..sorry.

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05 July 2009 @ 02:59 pm

okay i am supposed to write the new fic right? but i'm sooooo sorry that i can't make it...
i have to go on one...uhh no probably two month of HIATUS...like i said i have just started my new and final semester, and on the second week we shouldn't have anything that is suppose to happen, but we suddenly being told to handle a MAJOR event in 1 month only! shit one month??!!! and damn, i don't have much time to online anymore, so i have to go and prepare since i'm handling  all the protocol stuff, ughh burden!

anyway hope all of you guys can wait ne~~~
so sorry, hontoni gomen nasai T.T

partly this is just announcement on a sudden HIATUS for me...
i'm sorry again and especially to my new fic beta nani-chan...uwaaa gomen ne, hope you enjoy the trip, i'll be back in one-two month okay...
see you guys later!! ^^



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